Sacconnesset Caddie Program

  • Local young men and women have provided caddie services since inception
  • Caddie candidates participate in orientation rounds attended by our Golf Staff
  • Forecaddies and bag carriers are educated on the latest Rules of Golf
  • Caddies come versed with the Francis Ouimet Scholarship Fund Caddie Manual
  • Tommy Riordan, former caddy and Golf Pro, together with the Ouimet Fund has dedicated
    The Riordan Family Scholarship to Sacconnesset Golf Club. "Education is the great equalizer"
  • Several of our caddies are Ouimet Scholars including one Evans Scholar
  • 2022 Application link
For all golf inquiries, call or contact Douglas Errhalt, Director of Golf, 508.457.7200 (ext. 1) or Email